Zalexandra is run and owned by just one person, Zoe (they/them). They are based in Berlin, Germany. 

My Story

When I moved to Berlin, I found that the alternative fashion scene focuses mostly around the colour black. Don't get me wrong, I love black myself, but it doesn't give me the depth to express myself fully as I am. So in response to this I taught myself how to create chokers, harnesses, suspenders etc. All out of PVC. I found this to be a great challenge, having never studied fashion or knowing the first thing about garment construction, but life is a learning curve. I love going to events, parties, or just wearing a choker out in public, and the admiration for what I create is something I never expected. People wanted to purchase what I make, so in response to that I decided to create my own business so I can share my creations with the world. When I wear what I create I feel confident, empowered, strong, and it feels like an extension of myself. We communicate who we are with what we choose to adorn ourselves with, and I would love it if you find a little something of yourself reflected in my creations. As a non-binary individual, I also found it important to make items that are inclusive, so most of my items can be made to any size at no extra cost.